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Locals asked to register ex-local or family talent

Western Riverina Arts Board (WRAB) is talent seeking. The board is looking for local and ex- local talent to list in its registry of creative industries.

They are asking residents of Leeton, Narrandera and Griffith Shires to encourage talented family members and others who have been past residents of the region to register with the Board.

The Board’s intent is to increase the likelihood that when local projects arise, organisers are able to access people working in creative industries with links to the region.

WRAB chair Mrs Julie Briggs said the aim is also to provide role models for young and developing artists, through contact with and awareness of others from the region who have developed successful careers in the arts.

“We also believe that the knowledge of the region held by ex-resident artists will enrich any projects they undertake with local artists or communities.

“We need locals to register their talented family and friends with our Arts Development Officer Derek Motion or feed the details straight into the directory on the WRA website www.westrivarts.com.au", said Mrs Briggs.

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