Grant writing workshop


Do you have an idea for a community-based project? Are you looking to explore grant opportunities to help fund your project and make it happen? Let us help you!

"Nobody really believes in pots of money at the end of rainbows but I like to
think they do exist for artists" - Derek Motion, RADO, Western Riverina Arts

There are many funding sources available for arts projects, and part of the role of Western Riverina Arts is to help artists access that kind of support.

Funding can come from local, state or national government organisations, as well as commercial sources. Some grants are tied to specific outcomes, while others have a wider scope for their use.

Western Riverina Arts offers workshops to help artists and community-based organisations understand the process of allocating funding.

The workshops will give you all the basics you need to know about funding and grant opportunities. Participants will be briefed on relevant grants and will be given space to discuss their projects ideas. They will also be taken through the process of applying for a grant.

Derek Motion has many years experience working with funding bodies at a local, state and federal Government level. He has successfully applied for and managed grants, and has also sat on grant assessment panels.

Please contact us to find out when the next workshop is available or check our calendar.