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All About Women Satellite

All About Women Satellite

The Griffith Regional Theatre will be hosting a live stream of the All About Women conference from the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 4th March. 

Three headline sessions will be streamed live plus an exclusive backstage interview, direct from the Sydney Opera House, for FREE! Come and go as you please or stay for all of the sessions. Program below.

The All About Women Satellite Program invites you to reflect on the past and imagine the future of feminism.

1300-1400 Grabbing back: Women in the Age of Trump PANEL – Fran Lebowitz, Tarana Burke and others

1430-1530 #Metoo: the making of a movement – Tarana Burke and Tracey Spicer

1600-1730 Suffragettes to Social Media: Waves of Feminism PANEL – Barbara Caine, Nakkiah Lui, Anne Summers, and Rebecca Walker

Panel | Fran Lebowitz, Tarana Burke and more

‘I think putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing,’ Trump said in a 1994 interview. Since entering office, Trump’s administration has eroded the rights of women by worsening conditions for female-dominated, low-income industries and legislating against reproductive rights. Communities of colour have similarly been targeted by proposed immigration laws, education policies, and more. But resistance is springing up. Nasty women are uniting. Trump has inspired conversations, marches, and many, many memes. In fact, he has delivered women a new challenge: how do we respond to the new world order? 

Tarana Burke and Tracey Spicer

Tarana Burke is one of Time Magazine's People of the Year. She also founded Me Too movement in 2007 when she began a campaign to amplify the voices of victims of sexual harassment. Building on her work, actress Alyssa Milano began the hashtag #metoo in October 2017, sparking 12 million posts and reactions in the first 24 hours from women worldwide.
Similarly, veteran Australian journalist Tracey Spicer is currently investigating sexual abuse and harassment in the media.
Together, these two fierce and furious women will explore how a mass movement is built, and question what the consequences of calling out abusers might be. Is this a turning point in the history of male power and protection, are outdated systems of silence and collusion being dismantled before our eyes, or will everything soon return to how it’s always been? We are living through this unique cultural moment, and we need to ask some important questions: Why now, when it’s been going on so long? Will there be a backlash? And most importantly, what's going to change?

Panel | Barbara Caine, Nakkiah Lui, Anne Summers, and Rebecca Walker

While it’s hard to put a starting date on a complex social movement, modern western feminism has been around for about a hundred years. To celebrate, we are taking stock of what we’ve achieved, and looking at what’s left to fight for.
We're welcomed in the workplace, but women's work is often undervalued and underpaid. We have a measure of reproductive freedom but are still frighteningly vulnerable to sexual violence.
Each wave of feminism has faced extraordinary challenges. This panel will be a meeting of the generations as we look to an optimistic future: no feminist, aspiring or jaded, can afford to miss it.

For more information on the conference visit the All About Women website here. 

For more information about the live stream contact the Griffith Regional Theatre.  

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