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Local artist contributes to 'Sounding Nature'

Local artist contributes to 'Sounding Nature'

Sounding Nature is the biggest global exploration of the sounds of nature, covering 55 countries with almost 500 sounds. Local Leeton musician Jason Richardson aka Bassling is the only Australian contributor. He is one of 250 artists worldwide who re-imagined and recomposed the sounds of nature to reflect upon the damage being done to our natural world by human-generated noise such as traffic. 

The biggest ever map of the sounds of nature aims to highlight how the noise humans produce every day impacts the natural world. The Sounding Nature map includes almost 500 pieces of audio, covering everything from hippos, hyenas and eagles to geysers, hurricanes and glaciers. Every nature recording has also been re-imagined and recomposed by an artist to reflect the damage caused by human-generated noise such as from traffic.
The impact of human-generated noise on nature is under examined, but can cause devastating harm to our natural environment:

  • Human noise can act as an “obstacle”, blocking or altering the natural movements of animals.

  • Birds are having to change their calls and behaviour in response to traffic noise.

  • Human-made noise can even affect animals’ use of scent, putting them at greater risk of attack from predators.

  • Marine and shipping noise can damage or even kill marine life such as whales, crabs or squid.

  • Dolphins are being forced to simplify their calls due to undersea shipping and drilling noise.

  • Noise is also proven to dramatically increase stress levels among animals.

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Tis the season to be jolly

Tis the season to be jolly