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Regional Song Contest - NOW OPEN

Regional Song Contest - NOW OPEN

Australia's original Singer Songwriter Showcase ‘fRETfEST’ just opened entries for their Regional Song Contest 2018/2019 supported by Tanglewood Guitars.

fRETfEST offers an entry point for entertainers to gain experience and exposure with live performances, career guidance, pre-production, recording services and music festival bookings.

Entry to the Regional Song Contest 2018/2019 is $35.00 per song submitted and prizes include a professional remix of the winning song, plus an i-Tunes release of the track and an on-air radio interview to accompany the release, as well as a new Tanglewood acoustic guitar (awarded to the Runner-Up), a 6 month music mentorship (awarded to the Winner) and guaranteed live performances at the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival for the Winner, Runner-up and the 10 Finalists.

Entries can be country, alt-country, folk, pop, acoustic, blues, contemporary guitar based. Songs of all genres of music are considered equally in this contest. It's about the song, not the genre.


STEP 1 - Record yourself singing your own song/s on video and upload to YouTube.

STEP 2 – Pay using Eventbrite and receive your receipt number.

STEP 3 - Email your video links and the receipt number to > entries@fretfest.com.


* You can enter up to 3 song videos (maximum).

* For each song video, a $35 entry ticket is required (per song video).

* Entries are to be emailed no later than 5pm Saturday 15th December, 2018.

* Email the payment receipt number to validate your entry, along with your uploaded YouTube link/s ame your name, age, contact phone number, city/town, and parental consent if you are under 18 years of age.

* Entrants must be citizens of Australia and not signed to any management, music agency or booking contract.


* Each song is to be written by the Entrant, no covers, and not co-written by someone else. Songs written by the parent of the Entrant or friend or a relative are not eligible. Only songs written by the Entrant. The winner, runner up and finalist will be required to perform their song/s live, on stage, in front of an audience, without backing tracks and without a backing band.


* Videos are to be uploaded on YouTube as 'unlisted’. Do not upload song videos as ‘public’. Check the box before you upload. There are 3 categories you can choose from: 1. Public, 2. Unlisted, 3. Private. Choose Unlisted. It offers you a link which you can send to us.

* Songs that are uploaded as ‘Public’ will not be viewed by the judges.


* Each song video is to be a unique, new upload. Videos recorded prior to 2018 will be rejected.

* Each video must be one take from start to finish (no editing). Professionally produced videos will not be accepted. No film clips. Use only raw video, recorded live to camera/phone in your house, a studio or a room where the sound can be heard clearly and it is brightly lit.


* Entry Fees are to be paid prior to video/s being viewed and there are no refunds. Payment not received will disqualify the entrant.

* Entry is $35 per song and you can enter up to 3 songs maximum. Entering more than 1 song will give the judges a better chance of determining your abilities and depth, as a songwriter.


* Entries will be reviewed and the winner will be announced on Friday 5th January 2019.

* The winner, runner up and finalists will be invited to perform at the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2019 and details of the festival can be found at www.TCMF.com.au.

* Prizes will be presented at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and entrants must be present at the festival to accept their prize. Dates are Fri 25, Sat 26, Sun 27 January 2019.


The winning song shall be remixed and released by Fretfest Pty Ltd in 2019. The winner shall retain 100% authorship royalties on the basis of original composition by the entrant as per entry. Details of the recording contract shall be provided by way of contract between the winner and Fretfest Pty Ltd.


* It is a condition of entry that the winner, runner up and finalists must be available to attend the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Thur 24, Fri 25, Sat 26 January 2019 to receive their prize and to perform live on stage at the allotted times.

* Details of live performances will be emailed to you in reply to your entry via email.

* Accommodation, meals, transport and expenses are NOT included as part of the prize.


* Entrants will be required to respond to emails sent from Fretfest Pty Ltd and entrants who fail to reply to emails will be disqualified. Communication between Fretfest and the Entrant is an essential part of this contest and your communication with Fretfest will be evaluated.

* Entrants will be asked to provide details about music knowledge, background, experience and live performance history to assist the judges to understand your music career aspirations.


* Entrants who are under 18yo must have parental consent and must include the name and contact details of a consenting parent or guardian. Contact between parents and Fretfest is encouraged, but email answers must be written by the entrant yourself, not by the parent.


* Any video submitted, audio, songs and photographs may be used in the promotion of fRETfEST and you acknowledge, accept and release your submitted song, audio, photo, name and comments for the promotion of this and future fRETfEST events upon entry.


* By entering, you accept liability for your own losses, costs, expenses arising from your participation in this contest and, by entering, you acknowledge and accept that the contest organisers, Fretfest Pty Ltd, and the Tamworth Country Music Festival are not liable for any damages, losses or injury to yourself or your property while participating in this contest.


Buy your entry ticket at Eventbrite and obtain the receipt number and email it, along with your video link and contact details, to > entries@fretfest.com

* Entries must be emailed no later than 5pm Saturday 15th December, 2018.

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