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NSW Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund - We Got It!

NSW Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund - We Got It!

MP Adrian Piccoli bringing the good news to RADO Derek Motion

Described as one of the most famous art critics worldwide, Australian Robert Hughes defined Aboriginal Art as the “last great art movement of the 20th Century”. Whether it is woodcarving, sculpting or painting – Aboriginal art is captivating, expressive and reflects the richness and diversity of our Indigenous culture.

The Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund

 (through Arts NSW) has the aim of making Aboriginal culture of regional NSW more visible and accessible, and increasing professional and skills development opportunities for Aboriginal artists living in regional NSW. Each year regionally based artists and arts organisations are invited to apply for funding to support Aboriginal communities in exploring and expressing their cultural identities.

Western Riverina Arts

 was one of the successful applicants in 2016 and the non-profit organisation has been awarded $15,000 from the Aboriginal Regional Arts Fund, Arts NSW. “This funding will be used for skills development workshops across the region.” says Regional Art Development Officer Derek Motion. “Over the next 12 months we will employ Aboriginal artists to run a series of workshops across all of our local government areas - Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera & Murrumbidgee.”

The 16 workshop days will offer a wide variety of art styles including painting, woodcarving and weaving. Aboriginal artists will run two-day workshops in each area for young aboriginal artists, helping them to acquire new skills and create some original artwork, which can be seen in the second iteration of the  

Murrumbidgee Marramarra

 exhibition 2017 and will be a follow up to the widely praised and successful Murrumbidgee Marramarra exhibition currently showing at the 

Griffith Regional Art Gallery.

The NSW Government has provided almost $770,000 for 25 projects that support training, career development, employment and marketing opportunities for Aboriginal artists, arts workers and young people across NSW. Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts Troy Grant said the new projects will enable Aboriginal artists to build on their abilities and talents, boost local economies and encourage a greater appreciation of Aboriginal culture in the wider community.

Much of the heart and soul of Aboriginal life and culture can be found in their artwork, that often comes with a deep spiritual meaning based on significant ancient stories. Some Aboriginal artwork can even be dated back more than40,000 years ago. That’s why it is even more important to support and promote Aboriginal artists and their work and Western Riverina Arts is excited about the great opportunities this project has to offer to the aboriginal communities in the region. If you are interested in being involved in the Marramarra project – either as an artist or workshop participant – get in touch with

RADO Derek Motion

to express interest.

2016 Aboriginal Art Fellowship

2016 Aboriginal Art Fellowship

Griffith Centenary - Calling all Poets

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