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Murrumbidgee Marramarra - the grand opening!

Murrumbidgee Marramarra - the grand opening!

“Marramarra” is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘to make, to do’. And that is exactly what local 


 artists did for the exhibition Murrumbidgee Marramarra - 


their best artworks!

The aims of this project are to showcase art made by Aboriginal artists in our region and also to facilitate Aboriginal community groups further engaging in the Arts. Have a sneak peek of what you can expect to see here:

Western Riverina Arts will open the exhibition by regional Aboriginal artists tonight at

The Griffith Regional Art Gallery

, in partnership with the Griffith Gallery and with support from Local Aboriginal Lands Councils and the Aboriginal Medical Centre.

"This project has developed last year as a partnership between Western Riverina Arts and the Griffith Gallery," said Western Riverina Arts RADO Derek Motion. "Both of our organisations have a key priority of promoting the work of local Indigenous artists. There are many talented Aboriginal artists in our region, and we want to assist with helping them gain the recognition their work deserves, both locally and outside the region."

Leading local Aboriginal artists exhibiting will include: Michael Lyons, Ros Lockhart, William Ingram, Rodney Simpson, Allan McKenzie, Sarah Weymouth, Wayne Krause, Corey McKenzie and Veronica Collins.

“Murrumbidgee Marramarra will be a real drawcard exhibition and I’d urge everyone to come and see it during June,” said Griffith Regional Art Gallery Curator Ray Wholohan. “There’s an interesting variety of work on display – from traditional styles to more contemporary – that shows a great diversity of talent. There are also some works created by groups such as the kids from Youth of The Streets, who have been working for weeks on an installation specifically for this project.”

We are 


 forward to see you tonight at the launch of Murrumbidgee Marramarra at 6pm. The 


 will run until S

unday 3 July and will also be shown at the Narrandera Arts Centre during July 2016.

CASP - Now Open!

CASP - Now Open!

Burning Seed Festival - THEY WANT YOU!

Burning Seed Festival - THEY WANT YOU!