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Make history with your story

Griffith Pioneer Park Museum invite you to put yourself into the bigger picture on Wednesday 20 January 2016, with the Museum Selfie Day.

Pioneer Park Museum Curator, Jason Richardson said Museum Selfie Day is aimed at encouraging visitors to take a self-portrait (selfie) at their local cultural institution.

"In 2015 a British blogger named Mar Dixon promoted the hashtag #museumselfie and it became a phenomenon on social media," said Mr Richardson.

"I think it's a great opportunity for people to explore photography, as well museums, and feel part of something much bigger - which taps into an emotional response that's central to the experience of studying history."

It's as simple as taking a photograph of yourself and using #museumselfie to ensure it reaches a wide audience on your platform of choice.

 "Pioneer Park is on Facebook and Instagram and we'd love to see your photos, so please tag us when you post them," added Mr Richardson.

 “The challenge is to find a location that provides context for your photograph. Obviously there are many fantastic buildings at Pioneer Park Museum and we hope that, while exploring for a great backdrop, you will learn about the history of Griffith and the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area too."

With many activities to celebrate the centenary of Griffith planned at Pioneer Park during2016, this is an opportunity for residents and their visitors to share their creativity in interpreting the collection. 

"Come and see some of the history of the region and show it to the world," said Mr Richardson.

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