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Bring To Light will shine in Narrandera

The second annual #bringtolightproject gets underway at four locations across NSW next month, on Wednesday, September 30.

Five artists from Dubbo, Leeton and Sunny Corner will show work on the one day, for only the one day, taking a range of digital media artworks into public spaces.

This year’s selection of works will include a real time video recording  & playback of people’s feet in an open air mall, projections on to grain silos and a pub, a music video made from noises in a café and an apocalyptic vision created with toys and other objects by a lake.

The event started last year with four artists from Dubbo and Lithgow in an event aiming to take art to the people, openly inviting them to take photos of the works and themselves with the art, uploading the photos to social media using the project hashtag #bringtolightproject15.

#bringtolightprojects coordinator and artist, Kim V. Goldsmith says it’s exciting to have the project grow in its second year, taking it to new parts of regional NSW.

“We’re moving beyond the Central West and Western Plains this year into the Riverina as well, with a couple of new artists joining us.

“As artists, while we all work in digital media, our backgrounds and work styles are very different and this event is an opportunity for us to try new things, albeit in a very public way.

“It’s a celebration of the innovation of regional artists and their ability to collaborate despite great distances, as well as potentially reaching global audiences through the integration of social media into the experience."

One of the key social media elements of  #bringtolightprojects is the upload of photos by the public specifically to Instagram using the #bringtolightproject15 hashtag to create a gallery of images of all the works across all locations by the end of the day. Last year there were more than 40 images on Instagram, as well as across other social media platforms.

This year’s line up of #bringtolightproject artists are: Adrian Symes (Central West), Greg Pritchard (Western Plains), Jack Randell (Western Plains), Kim V. Goldsmith (Western Plains) and Jason Richardson (Riverina).

More information about the September 30 event will be revealed over the next few weeks via the website – http://bringtolightprojects.com

Bring to light project from Adrian Symes on Vimeo. Photo above by Trent Light.

Bring To Light a local angle

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