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Get Social Media Working For You

Social media offers businesses, including artists, a low-cost marketing opportunity and it is one that Western Riverina Arts will be promoting through workshops in Griffith and Narrandera during June.

Kim V Goldsmith, a marketing communications consultant and trainer, will be providing practical tips on how to get a result from social media.

"It's not often you get to rub shoulders with big players," said Ms Goldsmith. "It's how you use it that creates that extra bit of oomph."

Goldsmith has more than 20 years experience in media skills training, which includes running workshops for a variety of organisations such as those in local and state government.

Her workshops provide a clear overview of social media with emphasis on the audiences they reach and how to stimulate engagement.

"I focus on key performance indicators and these often aren't the numbers many people focus on when using social media," said Ms Goldsmith. "It's the old argument of quality versus quantity. I often say a conversation starts with one, not once you get to 100."

"Social media is one of the few marketing tools where you can afford to make mistakes. It's quickly changing though, particularly now mobile internet use is overtaking desktop-based internet use."

New applications like Periscope and Meerkat are now offering the ability to live-stream video to followers and these could be used to great effect by savvy operators looking to reach new customers or audiences.

"Social media is an equaliser for regional organisations and many artists would benefit from increasing their exposure."

To book your place at the Western Riverina Arts social media workshop on 15th-16th June in Griffith, visit http://www.westrivarts.com.au/opportunities/

The first workshop 'The Basics' (June 15, Griffith) will introduce you to the social media landscape and teach you how to effectively use social media to build communities of interest. The second workshop 'Building on Basics' (June 16, Griffith) will cover planning and implementation of your strategy to engage audiences, and how to evaluate results. The final workshop (June 17, Narrandera) will be tailored to meet the needs of participants - beginners or strategists.

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