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Musical inventions wanted

Leeton Town Band is offering $100 for the best homemade musical instrument that can be played along with other instruments of an orchestra.

Your instrument may be made from any materials, new or secondhand, but it must be playable as part of an organised musical group. Your entry to the competition may be best classed among any of the usual families of instruments (string, percussion, wind, electronic).

Some ideas to get you started include using PVC or galvanised  piping, old gas cylinders, biscuit tins, lengths of wood or wooden boxes, car horns, kitchen utensils, shed tools ... in fact, any safe, non-toxic materials at all. Many traditional bush instruments would fit the bill, including tea chest bass, xylophones, simple flutes and a basic trombone.

You will need to tune the various notes. If you Google "musical tuning" you can download a concert pitch tuning scale and your instrument should conform to this scale.

You or someone you nominate can demonstrate your instrument's capabilities at Brass In The Park, on Sunday 9 November in Leeton's Mountford Park. A nominee from Leeton Town Band will judge the entries.

There is no entry fee for this competition. Further information can be obtained from eatsap[at]gmail[dot]com.

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