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Collecting Griffith stories for art

Visiting story collector, Suzanne Nguyen, is inviting locals to have a chat about their connection to Griffith.

The shared stories will be part of an upcoming art exhibition held at Griffith Regional Art Gallery. How about sitting down with the young artist over coffee, tea or two and share your story?

“Instead of asking the generic ‘How are you?’ I like to ask people ‘What’s your story?’ and the responses are filled with surprising moments of everyday sadness, joy and adventures. But then again I do enjoy listening to people.” 

Suzanne is based in Sydney and has come to town to harness the hidden stories within the community.

For four years, Suzanne has developed an artistic practice that focuses on people and storytelling. She believes that stories have the ability to connect people from all walks of life.

The collection of stories plans to be showcased in a visual and interactive form.

“Everyone has a story to tell and in a diverse community like Griffith, there are all sorts of stories that need to be unearthed. My art practice is inspired by meeting new people, gathering their stories and visualise the found connections.”

Over the next two months and with the support of Griffith Regional Arts Gallery, Suzanne Nguyen plans to visit Griffith to collect stories.

For more details visit the Griffith Art Galley website.

For now, the artist encourages anyone and everyone to sit down with her over tea or coffee and have a good chat. 

Book a 45 minute session times during the following dates: 
June 27 – 30, 
July 11 – 13 and 
Aug 16 - 17


Contact and book a time with Suzanne Nguyen
 via email: StringStory@gmail.com

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