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Leeton eyes photography prize

The inaugural Western Riverina Arts Photography Prize as part of the Leeton Shire Council Penny Paniz Art Competition has achieved significant community engagement, with a total of 46 images entered and 1240 'likes' tallied on Facebook to select the 13 images exhibited as part of the shortlisting.

"There was a really diverse array of photographs submitted for this prize," said Derek Motion, Regional Arts Development Officer with Western Riverina Arts. "The photographs had to have been taken in Leeton Shire and accordingly many of the images depicted familiar landmarks, sites like the Roxy Theatre and Gogeldrie Weir."

"Some photographers also chose to present more personal ideas of ‘Leeton’s Identity’, with shortlisted photographs including a shot of the family cats, a favourite spot in the bush, and even a shot taken while sliding down the Leeton Pool’s waterslide."

It was a photograph of one of Leeton’s oldest and most iconic buildings that was voted the winner. Over the course of the exhibition 610 visitors recorded a vote for their favourite photograph with Rocco Pirrottina’s image ‘Travel Back in Time’ a clear winner attracting 20% of the vote.

This photograph of the Historic Hydro Motor Inn was taken at night and the lighting illuminates the stained glass window. The image also includes a long-exposure shot of the stars, arranged so that the starlight paints a circular pattern directly behind the Hydro.

"The photograph is well composed and executed, and was definitely a crowd favourite on the night of the exhibition launch," said Mr Motion.

"It was particularly pleasing to see that this photography prize attracted a range of entrants. Even amongst the shortlisted images there was work from amateurs using simple camera phone devices, as well as professionals using more expensive equipment."

"The overall aim of this competition was to get people to engage and participate. Even if you don’t consider yourself an ‘artist’ there is a lot to gain by getting involved in an artistic activity."

All of the images submitted for the 2014 photography prize are available to view on the Western Riverina Arts Facebook page. The prize will be run again in 2015.

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