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Answers for artists

Western Riverina Arts will host a session on legal issues relevant to artists on 26 March in Narrandera. Robyn Ayres, executive director of Arts Law, will present sessions outlining topics such as copyright, contracts, business issues and tax basics.

"Any artist who takes their work seriously will have to sign a contract at some point in their career," said Derek Motion, Regional Arts Development Officer with Western Riverina Arts. "Even if it's a small amount of money, it's worth understanding the implications of commissioned work."

The discussion of contracts will establish what constitutes a binding agreement and what to do if your contract is breached. "Arts Law’s standard contracts will be covered and these are an important resource," said Mr Motion.

Intellectual property and copyright will also be outlined, as well as the moral rights of artists. "I would be very interested in getting as much information on the issues affecting the artists in your region, as well as possible case studies, which can be incorporated into the program beforehand," said Robyn Ayres.

Business structures for artists and organisations will be another topic, including details on what is best for an individual artist or a group wanting to work together. Further information will include tax basics and liability issues, such as how to limit liability through the use of waivers, disclaimers and insurance.

Participants are urged to consider the relevant issues they face in their artistic practise or workplace. "I always encourage interaction and will have several exercises that can be done in small groups," said Ms Ayres. "We will also spend about an hour talking about Freedom of Expression near the end of the day."

Robyn Ayres will answers artists legal questions at the Train Station in Narrandera from 10am – 4.30pm on Wednesday 26 March. Cost is $25 per person, to be paid either at Western Riverina Arts' office or on the day. Light lunch will be provided as well as tea and coffee.

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