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Shadows and Lines in Narrandera

Narrandera Arts and Creative Network (NACNet) will run workshops in shadow puppetry and projection art on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February.

Over two days participants will be led through the theory and practice of these innovative artforms and into the process of storyboarding and creating your own performance.

"I have been fascinated by shadows ever since I saw Shigeo Fukuda’s Lunch with Helmet on," explains Dr Greg Pritchard, artist and former Regional Arts Development Officer with Western Riverina Arts.

He cites working with Paul Hoskins on Combine-Nation as inspiration for a full-blown obsession with shadows leading to graduating with Masters in Shadows and Performance from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

"Shadows made on cave walls are possibly the world’s oldest art form. They are definitely the oldest form of projection art. It is logical that an interest in shadows should lead into an interest in projections."

Digital projections have become very much a part of large festivals like Sydney’s Vivid, Melbourne’s White Night and Canberra’s Enlightened. With experience creating projection artworks at festivals and internationally, through residencies in Indonesia, Singapore and Senegal, Dr Pritchard hopes to inspire locals to express themselves through "one of the most interesting art forms".

"The large community projection projects I have worked on bring spectacular art to a very community accessible space," says Dr Pritchard. "Outdoor projection technology allows you to bring your imagination out into the open."

Over two days this workshop will give you the basics of shadow puppetry and sculpture, and projection art and video mapping. It will inspire you to create shadows and use projections as part of your own arts practice. People can join either workshop or attend both days.

It will demonstrate the equipment and techniques for working with shadows and projections, using examples from world famous artists and Dr Pritchard's own practise.

The workshops will contain theoretical and practical components and participants will have a chance to create their own shadow puppetry performance or sculpture, and projection art.

For further information or to express an interest in attending these workshops, contact NACNet by calling 0427 985 297 or emailing nacnet@hotmail.com

Prices are $15 for either day or $25 for both or, for NACNet members, $10 for one day and $20 for both.

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