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Our windows into Piltz’s practise

Narrandera-based artist Emma Piltz has curated a collection of organic and found objects in our window gallery this November.

"I was on a plane when Western Riverina Arts emailed offering the window gallery space," said Emma Piltz.

"I remember looking out the window at the paddocks below and seeing the outlines from pivot watering systems. When I returned home I began making hoop shapes from branches, which have become landscape forms."

Circular shapes are a motif in Piltz's display this month. Her work draws on the landscape for inspiration as well as materials. Weathered human-made and organic object are arranged and presented.

Her collections are in a sense curated landscapes, bringing together items in a way that pleases the eye with competing textures, colours and shapes.

"I love finding things and appreciating the beauty or character in an object. It seems silly to spend time trying to make an object look old or weathered when there's so much around that's going to waste."

Some items have been with Emma Piltz for many years, changing as they lose a limb or gain cracks and textures.

The skills in presentation and maximising potential complement those she has developed in her career as a hairdresser.

"I find it's a great way to work with my hands and it's rewarding to see an item taking shape. There's a meditative aspect to it that I also enjoy."

Come and enjoy it for yourself in the windows of Western Riverina Arts office at 50 Kurrajong Avenue Leeton during November.

Inspiration flows for local artists

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