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Artist Shows Burning Ideas

The windows of Western Riverina Arts currently feature a colourful collage by Leeton-based artist Jo Roberts.

"The phoenix represents transformation and willing submission to change. A symbol of the idea that in every end there lies a new beginning, which ties into the theme of Burning Seed this year 'Re:Creation'," said Ms Roberts.

"My collage focuses on the principle of de-commodification, so it has a strong anti- consumerist theme. Burning Seed is not just another form of recreation that you consume but an experience that requires participation to fully enjoy.”

Burning Seed, inspired by the US Burning Man festival, returns to Matong State Forest this October. The event draws an eclectic audience around principles including radical self-expression, inclusion, participation, and gifting.

"The event creates a temporary village in the bush where everyone brings everything they need to survive, something to share, and money is not exchanged," said Ms Roberts.

"Last year was my first 'burn' and I found a community that was welcoming, inspiring and supportive. The event is a radical experiment where revelry takes equal billing with environmental and social consciousness."

"The Burning Seed principles provide a framework that remove many of those artificial barriers which can inhibit people from genuine expression and allow for authentic, non-manufactured experiences between participants," she said.

Also displayed in the Western Riverina Arts windows are photographs from the 2012 event, including the displays of fire and art that are essential features of the Burn.

Local artists are invited to come and discuss displaying their work in our windows.

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