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The Ronalds at The Roxy Art Space

The Ronalds will be presenting their latest interactive art experience at The Roxy Art Space in Leeton from Friday October 5, 2012.

Ganmain Artists Patrick and Shannon Ronald, best known for their large scale hyper-realistic photography of interiors and architecture will be introducing their latest work designed exclusively for The Roxy Art Space show.

The artists have developed two interactive artworks that encourage audience participation and a higher level of engagement with the works on display.

The first work takes the form of an interactive video game where the audience controls ‘Roxy the Fox’ as she ventures through the streets of Leeton. Actions performed within the videogame trigger physical objects within The Roxy Art Space to light up, revealing hints needed to complete the game.

The second web-based work investigates remote interaction with the gallery and audience collaboration. Players at The Roxy Art Space are asked to respond to triggers that are activated remotely by players viewing the gallery via a live video stream.

Communication is achieved by visitors to the gallery taking photos via their Smartphone of items as they are illuminated by the online players, the photos are then uploaded to display on ‘The Roxy Show’ website providing the online participant with the hints needed to progress through the game. If the player at the gallery doesn’t have a Smartphone, they can complete the game in low-tech mode by holding up handwritten hints to the webcam.

This work allows the exhibition to be engaged with on a global scale, removing the usual limitations of having to physically visit an exhibition in order to experience the artwork.

“We are looking forward to the response to our latest work. We have tried to create a show that gives the audience a real sense of involvement and an experience that is made specifically for the people of Leeton. We have developed two systems that allow the viewers to directly contribute to the exhibition and what they get out of it,” said Mr Ronald.

In addition to the interactive works, a selection of The Ronalds’ previous work will be shown throughout the gallery, including the award winning ‘m2’ series, and ‘A Fitted Kitchen is a Joy to Behold’ the major commission for the Ten Days on The Island Festival last year.

Opening hours are 9am – 5pm Mon - Fri and the exhibition runs until 29th October. The artists will be holding the official launch on Saturday October 13, 2012 from 5pm - 7pm.

For more information visit The Ronalds website www.theronalds.com.au

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