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2018 John O'Brien Festival

Since 1994 Narrandera has held an annual Festival in honour of the town’s beloved poet and parish priest. The John O’Brien Festival showcases the works of John O’Brien himself along with other bush poets from across Australia, and sees wonderful performances each year of both original works and traditional classics.

The John O’Brien Festival seeks to inspire a new generation of bush poets by hosting a number of poetry writing and recital competitions each year, along with an appropriately themed short story writing competition. The Jim Angel Memorial Award is presented annually for the best performance of an original poem.

The Festival likewise celebrates the culture and community of country Australia that inspired so many of John O’Brien’s poems. A market day, bush dance, street parade, children’s disco, numerous concerts and performances by poets and musicians alike, a busking competition, art exhibition, wildlife tour, and many other events are included in the program each year.

The 2018 John O'Brien Festival will be held on the weekend of the 16th - 18th March. For more information visit the Festival's website.