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Look Leeton First - The Leeton short film competition for local High School students!


Look Leeton First is an initiative of the Leeton Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  Students from Leeton High School, St Francis de Sales College or Yanco Agricultural High School are invited to create a short film (30 to 90 seceonds) that shows the effects of shopping locally or NOT shopping locally and enter it in ‘The Leeton Short Film Competition 2017’. Individual or group entries are allowed and the winner will be rewarded with a $1000 cash prize

The campaign is designed to get new generations and the community thinking about the affects of continually shopping locally or out of town and about the opportunities Leeton has to offer before going shopping elsewhere. 

Entries and voting closes May 31 2017 11:59pm


To be eligible to participate in ‘The Leeton Short Film Competition 2017’ your film must comply with the following guidelines; 

  • Your film must be 30 sec or more & no longer than 90 sec  
  • Your film must be PG rating – LCCI have the right to remove any films that do not comply 
  • Must include the theme; the effects on your town when you are continually shopping local or when you don't continually shop local 
  • Individual or group entries allowed, only one prize pool of $1000 cash 
  • You or your group can enter more than once   

    Terms & Conditions

    By entering this competition you accept these Terms & Conditions; 

  1. You must upload your film to ‘The Leeton Short Film Competition’ Group page between May 01 2017 – May 31 2017 11:59pm. 

  2. Entries and voting closes May 31 2017 11:59pm

  3. The video with the most ‘Likes’ on their original film upload on ‘The Leeton Short Film Competition’ Group page when the competition closes is the winner

  4. In the event there are two or more films with the same amount of ‘Likes’ the LCCI Executive Committee and Competition subcommittee will vote on the winning film based on merit on meeting our guidelines.

  5. The film must be relevant to the theme outlined in the Guidelines

  6.  LCCI holds the right to remove films deemed inappropriate

  7. All entries become the property of Leeton Chamber of Commerce & Industry and may be used for this campaign and or future campaigns

  8. One winning entry with a total prize amount of one thousand dollars ($1000)

  9. Entries must be currently attending Leeton High School, St Francis de Sales College or Yanco Agricultural High School

  10. The winning entry will be presented with the cash prize at the ‘Leeton Trop Fest’ presentation event after the competition is closed

  11. ‘The Leeton Short Film Competition’ does not require a Trade Permit due to being A Game of Skill is any competition that requires a judge to select a winner or in which public votes determine the outcome based on merit or skill. In other words, it involves a voting mechanism and the winner is NOT randomly chosen.   

    Upload Instructions

    1. Create your film with Facebook’s video specs;  - Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 9:16 - File size: 4GB Max  - Pixels: minimum 600pxl wide  - File Types:  MP4 or MOV, asf (Windows Media Video) view more options here:  

    2. Go to ‘The Leeton Short Film Competition’ Group page (on your first visit you must join the group) then click ‘add photo/video’ and upload your video  

    3. Post your video and comment your friends and family on your original post to ‘Like’ your video   

    How the Competition Works

  • Students are to upload their video to our Facebook Group "The Leeton Short Film Competition"
  • The community votes on their favourite film 
  • The video with the most votes at the end of the competition wins the $1000 Cash
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