Dream Big Conference


Dream Big is the top annual conference for arts and culture in the Riverina. Developed in partnership between Western & Eastern Riverina Arts the one day conference is designed for everyone involved in arts and culture and an opportunity to share experiences, network and pick the brains of industry professionals.

Since 2012 Dream Big successfully features a line-up of arts professionals and artists speaking on how to cultivate the arts in the region through sharing skills and creating networks. Designed for anyone involved in cultural, community and economic development; for established and aspiring artists; tourism operators, progress associations, and community groups, the conference informs a diverse audience and encourages BIG ideas.

Dream Big, the Riverina's annual conference for arts and culture will return bigger and better in 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you!

For more information please watch the video below. Former Western Riverina Arts' communications officer Jason Richardson shares his experience in public relations and marketing, as well as promoting the value of engaging with the arts.